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Posted in ARCHITECTURE, BUILDT PROJECTS by davidamadorgarcia on November 20, 2007

Frederiksberg Main Library in the city of Copenhagen, comissioned a “reading lounge” in the main library room. In collaboration with industrial designer Martin Larsen, the solution created a new space, while intergrating the existing structure. Due to the increased use of the internet, the library has become more a book pick up spot and less an archive where the user physically searches for and discovers books. The premise of the project is to create a reading space where user and books meet. Taking advantage of the rigid character of the library as archive, the proposal maintained the frame and format of the book shelves, replacing the books of the niche in question, with a sinuous seating arrangement. This created a frame where the reader becomes the main character, instead of the bookshelves.



Posted in ARCHITECTURE, BUILDT PROJECTS by davidamadorgarcia on July 19, 2007

Close to the Gredos mountain range, bordering a nature reserve in the west of Spain, this summer house was designed under very specific demands by the local authorities, only allowing wooden carpentry, pitched roofs and granite stone facades. The design follows these constraints, and responds to the client’s desire to collect rain water and offer a large area for solar panels. The result was an inverted pitched roof, at angles to allow sun to enter the house in the winter time, and offering shade in the summer, with a large roof surface to the south for solar panels, hidden from view at eye level. Cooling and heating are supplied by a constant 15 degrees Celsius airflow from underground tubes and grey water is stored for irrigation. The project is under construction.